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    Poor execution is only a phenomenon, poor management is the essence!


    Some entrepreneurs often feel that their good ideas can't be realized, and most of them think that the company's poor execution is a matter of the employee's ability and attitude.

    Poor execution is the phenomenon; poor management is the essence.

    Foreign enterprise executive force is phenomenon strongly, have the mechanism that raises employee executive force just is essence.

    In fact, you can think of it this way:

    The poor execution of individual employees is a problem of ability;

    The poor execution of the whole company is a management problem!

    Top 5 Reasons for Poor Execution 1 Don't Employees Know What to Do

    The company has no clear strategic planning that can be implemented, no clear marketing strategy, and employees can not get clear instructions;

    In addition, some companies' policies often change, strategies change repeatedly, and information communication is not smooth, so that employees are at a loss and have to rely on inertia and their own understanding to do things.

    This leads to a disconnect between the employee's focus and the company's, and the important work of the company cannot be performed or completed.

    2 Don't know what to do

    Foreign employees generally have to go through strict training, but domestic enterprises are not, either there is no training directly work, or the training is not targeted and practical, or just do inspirational training and development training for employees, employees are passionate but do not know how to do the work;

    Some only give employees some industry trends, macro strategy training, but still do not give them methods.

    There is also a common deep-seated reason, that is, the middle and senior leaders themselves do not know how to do, they can not make it clear to the people below, the director can not say, the manager can not say, the last is the real implementation of the lowest level will not do, there is a bitter can not say.

    3 It doesn't work smoothly

    If a soldier is fighting in the front line, and his logistic supplies are not available, and his headquarters does not respond to his request for support, and if he is wounded and cannot get quick medical help, his morale will obviously be greatly affected.

    Companies, too, gradually lose their enthusiasm and become reluctant to take the initiative.

    Do not know what good to have done

    In ancient times, if a city could not be captured for a long time, the general besieging the city would give an order: the soldiers could burn, kill and plunder the city within three days after the city was destroyed.

    As a result, morale was greatly boosted and the city was destroyed one day.

    Sales always look at the immediate, which is determined by the nature of the job, when the immediate benefits can not be seen, there will be no great interest in doing it.

    5. Know there's no harm in not doing well

    If there is only a promise of "soldiers can burn, kill and pillage at will within three days after the city is broken" without a stipulation of "if deserters are executed", some soldiers will surely seek opportunities to escape and thus destabilize the army.

    Knowing that it's okay to do a bad job comes from three aspects:

    One is no assessment;

    Second, the assessment index is not reasonable;

    Third, the punishment is not heavy or no punishment.

    The work performance of many departments is not suitable to be evaluated by hard and fast indicators. The work of these departments needs to be evaluated by senior executives who know the business based on experience. If senior executives are not able to make a fair evaluation, employees with weak motivation may slack off.

    Five ways to solve poor execution

    Clear the reasons for poor execution, the solution becomes clear, that is, to achieve "clear goals, feasible methods, reasonable process, incentive in place, effective assessment".

    1. Have a clear goal

    For the sales line of business, a clear goal is to implement indicators.

    Indicators set accurate, can be implemented, is to do the budget, policy, incentive assessment basis, is the most important thing in sales management.

    2. The method is feasible

    Yue Fei invented the hook and sickle lance and taught the soldiers how to hook a horse's leg and break the golden technique of abducting a horse.

    Without this feasible method, the Yue's army, however brave, may not be able to win.

    Since the task of executive layer is execution, the manager should provide concrete operation methods to it.

    Making a feasible method requires effective coordination of three links: decision making, support and feedback.

    First of all, the decision should not be based on the will of the leader, but should be fully demonstrated in combination with the market situation.

    Support can be business guidance given by senior employees to subordinates, or professional internal or external training. It should be noted that, for the executive level, impart tools and methods is far more important than passing on ideas. Inspirational training will not bring much business growth, and solving problems depends more on methods than enthusiasm.

    Any method has its flaws, and feedback during implementation can help refine it.

    3. Reasonable process

    In most organizations, processes are not problematic in form, but in execution.

    There are two reasons for the irrationality :(1) outsiders in charge;

    (2) unequal rights and responsibilities.

    4. Incentives in place

    Incentives are in place in three ways: they are in place, they are in place and they are in place.

    The incentive intensity should be competitive in the market, attractive among employees and bearing capacity in the company.

    Be concise and easy to understand, preferably visually.

    Deliverance means that what the company says must be true. Policy changes caused by the company in the middle of the course cannot affect the annual bonus of the business personnel.

    5. Valid assessment

    The effective assessment should be achieved in three aspects: first, the assessment should really play a guiding role;

    Two is to avoid the interference of human factors;

    Third, the punitive measures should be strictly implemented can not be estimated interest.

    After a period of rapid development, domestic enterprises do not have the consciousness and energy to improve their management, resulting in a serious mismatch between the level of management and the size of enterprises.

    When the industry was growing fast, this mismatch was masked by high profits;

    After the industry has developed into a period of smooth integration, the disadvantages of insufficient management ability begin to appear, and poor execution is one of the most typical manifestations.

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